About Us

One of the ancient countries in the Middle East is Egypt. As you visit the country you will enjoy Egypt foods, tourist spots and etc. The country has rich in history from its ancient Egyptian food and drinks recipes to its old culture.

Travel is my passion, and it made it my lifestyle to travel the world. I planned to visit Egypt and I am looking for some blog to know about the experience of other travelers visiting the ancient country. But I couldn’t find even just one blog site. That is why I decided to create one for other travelers who want to visit Egypt. Because of no blog that you can read about Egypt, you may have a question in your mind. Such as, what do Egyptian eat, what is the healthy Egyptian recipes and much more. You will learn about Egyptian cultures without leaving your home and before visiting this ancient country.

Hi, my name is Tricia I want to be a source of information and inspiration for every woman or group of people who want to travel more, better, cheaper and safer. I am a freelance content marketing specialist. At a young age, I learned to travel by myself anywhere in the world. I just love to travel and experience new cultures and lifestyle. As I have said a while ago I created this blog for other travelers who want to visit Egypt. And want to know about the country I will show you what you want to learn.

To stay in another nation is exciting and very adventurous such as the nation of Egypt. I want to share with you their ancient culture as well as their present lifestyle. If your passion is travel like me and you want to experience it in an exciting way, safe and cheap you are in the right place. I am currently living here in Egypt and enjoying my stay here. Living in this transcontinental country is fun and exciting. So come and join me on this new journey of my life.